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    App Security Assessment

    The application security assessment is a vital part of the company’s software development life- cycle. With growing challenges, the organizations face difficulty finding a knowledgeable team of analysts to conduct a thorough intensive and non-automated application security assessment. Here at Grey MatterZ, we understand the importance of your crucial data and thus offer complete app security solutions that meet your requirements in every possible manner.

    Benefits of App Security Assessment

    In the present competitive landscape marketplace, it is crucial to follow dynamic and static application security assessments that help identify your applications' weaknesses. These solutions propose fixes that improve your system's security stance. The skilled blockchain developers' team uses the best tools and manual analysis to diagnose threat susceptibility and provide measurable and actionable results.

    Authenticate Existing Controls

    Recognize Vulnerable Coding Flaws

    Come across Compliance Requirements

    Categorize Entry Points into Private Areas

    Protect the confidential Data

    Identify security risks

    Why Choose Us?

    Why Choose App Security Assessment For Business?

    Testing blockchain apps is a remarkable task with its own methodological and theoretical reinforcement. The cost of errors in blockchain smart contracts is tremendously high — this is why blockchain testing is vital for an effective upgrade of any custom blockchain-powered solution. The team at Grey MatterZ is well-equipped with the incomes and proficiency to make certain that we efficiently test all the features of the blockchain app and how they interact with other apps.

    Why Choose Grey MatterZ For App Security Assessment?

    Being a leading provider of application security services, Grey MatterZ provides application security assessment solutions that help businesses of all sizes to secure their blockchain applications. The team perfectly uses extensive knowledge and performs regular testing for a healthy security development framework.

    • Custom-made manual techniques
    • Explore identified vulnerabilities
    • Provide valuable solutions
    • Identify and evaluate hosting platforms
    • Assess secure transmission protocols
    • Test password for safety rules

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