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    As a pioneer Dapp marketing agency, we have executed quite a lot of crypto projects successfully. Here at Grey MatterZ, we follow a full proof plan to undergo rigorous market research to understand your business requirements and organize and execute a well-formed marketing plan. The team monitors its performance regularly and deals with the bottlenecks faced based on the response received.

    Whether your main goal is to create a new app or revamp the old one to empower a target audience, the team of experts at Grey MatterZ is ready to help in this technical journey.

    Popular Decentralized Portfolio Platforms

    We have vast experience in building a portfolio of decentralized applications, and we do our best to deliver an app that makes your business stand ahead in the crowd.


    With this platform, it is effortless to track your portfolio and use various Decentralized products from the interface.


    Control your portfolio and simply assess every single digital asset on the marketplace.

    Why Choose Us?

    Why Choose GreyMatterZ to Develop Dapp Portfolio Platform for You?

    Our Dapp services will fit your business needs completely as these are scalable, robust and budget-friendly. Our team of expert development team is well versed in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency technology and blockchain domain. We know all the advanced tools and technologies to create fully engaging and captivating campaigns that will create massive value and give up maximum revenue for your enterprise.

    When you join hands with us, we not only create an app that defines your business, but we also take every step to build your integrity in the cutthroat industry. Our full-proof strategy helps you to sustain success in the market. With our feature-rich Dapp strategies, you can attract global investors effortlessly and boost your income by massive numbers.

    • Custom DApp portfolio Development

      The team at Grey MatterZ builds custom DApps for diverse industry verticals that reinforce their data security and keep them ahead in the DApp world.

    • UI/UX Design

      We create vibrant DApps UI/UX design that enhances user-experience rate.

    • Quality Assurance

      Our main goal is to provide quality products, and thus, we primarily focus on core testing techniques to optimize app performance.

    • Porting Services

      To make applications work effortlessly, we can easily port your accessible app to any other platform per your requisite with negligible complexities.

    Portfolio Dapps offers you:

    • Easy to Follow Top-Performing Traders

      With portfolio Dapp you can easily check other’s portfolios, and even you could also check the detail of each buy or sell report.

    • Notifications

      With these apps, you can get notifications on their trades right away by following your preferred traders.

    • Portfolio Management

      It is an auto-syncs exchange that helps you track your overall performance.

    What Our Clients Say’s

    Let’s build a secure decentralized app for your business needs!

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