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with High-level Transparency

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    Keep yourself financially secure with a crowdfunding platform that will accept a donation around the world in a hassle-free manner. For every transaction, be assured of a relationship manager’s presence, fund request approvals, real-time notification & high-level transparency. Get ready with a category, to begin with, multiple fundraising options.

    What to Expect with Crowdfunding Platform Application

    Low Charges

    The one-time lowest rate fee structure is easy to understand, to begin with, the crowdfunding procedure.

    Easy to Withdraw

    The Risk-free application makes cash withdrawal assistance easier with its button feature on the dashboard. 24*7 team availability with message support service.

    Direct Link to Bank Account

    We develop an app that offers a direct and secure gateway to link the registered bank account. To make the process more straightforward, you can integrate your account with multiple transaction options for a quick & easy process.

    Some Popular Crowd Funding Platforms

    Gitcoin Grants

    Seek funds from the community to develop an open-source project on the latest technology.

    Why Choose Us?

    Why Choose Grey MatterZ to Develop Crowdfunding Platform for You

    Our team offers Decentralized Crowdfunding Platform Services & development integrated with the latest features. Get amplified contribution from around the world to reach new heights & become market leaders.

    Features Crowdfunding Platforms Offers

    • Smart Property Tokens
    • Easy Sign up
    • Secure Payment Gateway

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