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    Incident Response & Recovery (IRP)

    With growing data security breaches, the rising Incidents and compromises can create certain issues for your staff and organization. IRP adds an extra level of security in your business to assess and regain control after an attack. We at Grey MatterZ provide you with complete guidance to help you respond and recover against threats.

    Benefits of Incident Response and Recovery

    When it comes to avoiding breach costs to your business, it is good to start using Incident Response and Recovery solutions and save time and money. The unresolved vulnerabilities cause more extensive damage to a company and consumer confidence. The main goal of an incident response plan is to:

    Reestablish operations

    Diminish losses

    Fix vulnerabilities problems

    Provide quick solutions

    Strengthen security

    Avoid future incidents

    Why Choose Us?

    Why Choose Incident Response & Recovery (IRP) For Business?

    We at Grey MatterZ help our clients learn and respond to all kinds of blockchain incidents. The team makes sure to offer services that include securing the scene, analyzing the data related to the event, and issuing a report documenting the outcomes.
    Our IRP solutions help you monitor the crypto data in real-time and eventually help with seizing and recovering your funds.

    Why Choose Grey MatterZ For Incident Response & Recovery?

    Here at Grey MatterZ, we have helped several businesses in the recovery process of stolen cryptocurrencies. The team knows all the algorithms to recover and monitor crypto data in real-time.

    • Discover the attackers’ actions
    • Recognize steps to remove active binaries and malware
    • Add an extra level of security to your business
    • Identify the scope of the compromise
    • Limit the data loss

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