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    Token Swap

    We make the Token Swap Platform free of risk & losses. With GreyMatterZ, you will have a Decentralized Application that will let you do the self-onboarding, verify yourself for identification, have a secure Ethereum network connection. Our platform will also let you generate the burn address for the token collection and have flexibility in the cryptocurrency exchange ratio rather than 1:1.

    What to Expect with Token Swap Platform Application

    Easy Comparison

    Our algorithm makes it easy to compare the value of multiple tokens for a quick exchange. The platform will provide you with a screen displaying multiple options for the exchange process.


    This feature builds the trust of yours on the application by doing the mandatory registration beforehand. It offers to swap the tokens from one blockchain to a new network seamlessly.

    Some Popular Token Swap Platforms


    Provides an open financial marketplace for developers, liquidity providers & traders.


    Saves your time & money by displaying the best prices from across 18 exchanges.

    1 inch

    Aggregate best prices to avoid price slippage.

    Why Choose Us?

    Why Choose GreyMatterZ to Develop Token Swap Platform for You

    Our team has hands-on experience in developing the featured rich platform to make the swap of tokens easy. Ask our experts to avail Defi Exchange Development Services following the protocol offering users an ultimate digital trade experience.

    Features Token Swap Platform Offers

    • Time out to allow refund in case the exchange fails
    • Operability at different Operating System
    • Unlimited Trading
    • No Hidden Charges

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